A Hairstylist On How To Use Brow Gel For A Sparse Hairline

NYC-based hairstylist Matt Newman swears by the makeup product to target precise areas. After testing a brow gel that wound up too dark for his face framers, “it dawned on me it could be really good on my sparse hairline,” he says in a recent TikTok. A few swipes of the gel (he applies mainly at the temples) and his pony appears much fuller at the crown. 

“It’s a great combination of color coverage and hold,” Newman continues, and it’s an old-school stylist trick that really works: Just as how the formula can slick up the brow hairs and keep them in place, so, too, can the product deposit defined hairs at your part or temples. Plus, if you grab a brow gel with hair-thickening fibers (like this Brow Butter from Saie), you can also nurture the strands and encourage natural volume. 

This may go without saying, but this trick only works if your tinted brow gel matches the color of your hair (or closely resembles, at least). A dark brown brow gel won’t look right on blonde hairs, and a lighter formula won’t do much for a darker hairline. But if your brows are generally the same color as your roots, swipe away. 

And even if you aren’t dealing with a receding hairline, here’s another go-to trick the pros swear by: A bit of brow gel is top notch for securing flyaways. Essentially, your tinted brow gel can function as a targeted hair gel—without ever reading crunchy. 

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