A woman was charged with a felony after yelling racial slurs and throwing a Whopper at a Burger King employee because her tomato was ‘too thick’

Judith Ann Black, 77, a resident of a Florida retirement community known as “The VIllages,” was booked after she threw a Whopper at a Black Burger King staff member. Burger King

  • A Florida woman was charged with a felony after she lobbed a Whopper at a Black Burger King employee.

  • According to police records, Judith Ann Black, 77, called the worker a “stupid Black b—-” and stormed off.

  • Black is a resident of a conservative retirement community in Florida known as “The Villages.”

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A resident of a Florida retirement community angry over the thickness of a tomato was charged with a felony after she hurled racial slurs and a sandwich at a Black fast food-chain employee.

According to records from the Wildwood Florida Police Department seen by the Villages News, Judith Ann Black, 77, was dining at a Burger King in the nearby Trailwinds Village last Friday when she confronted an employee about her unsatisfactory sandwich.

According to the News, Black was angry over the thickness of the tomato slice on her Whopper, and the Burger King employee who was unnamed in the report, tried to calm Black down – but Black threw the Whopper at the employee’s back.

Black then stormed out, but not before spouting several expletives including the N-word, calling the employee a “stupid Black b—-,” according to the police report seen by Villages News. The outlet verified this with the manager and another worker at the Trailwinds Burger King, as well as a customer who witnessed the exchange.

Wildwood police tracked Black down and booked her at the Sumter County Detention Center, but released her later on a $2,500 bond.

According to police records seen by the News, Black admitted to being “angry” that the employee was not “fixing the issue,” and confirmed that she had thrown the Whopper at the Burger King worker.

The police record referenced by the Villages News also indicated that Black’s use of racial slurs altered “the charge of battery from a misdemeanor of the first degree to a felony of the third degree under Florida State Statute 775.085.” This statute is known as the “hate crime statute,” which increases the minimum and maximum penalties that a judge could impose.

Black is a resident of a conservative retirement community in Florida known as the “Villages” – a collection of twelve housing districts across 32 square miles, located one hour north of Orlando. The Villages advertises itself as “America’s premier active adult retirement community,” and is home to over 115,000 residents, who call themselves “Villagers.”

The Wildwood Police Department and Burger King did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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