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Add a Tropical Punch to Your Skin Care Routine With These Pineapple Beauty Products

We’re no strangers to fruit when it comes to our beauty routines. From watermelons to oranges to avocados, our skin is frequently treated to produce. But pineapple beauty products have moved to the top of our must-buy list. Because they promise everything from brighter skin to healthier locks.

Turns out pineapple is a key ingredient for glowing complexions and even serves as a gentle exfoliator. And many beauty brands are tapping into the tropical fruit’s powers. (Glow Recipe even packs its serum into a cute pineapple-shaped bottle.) There are masks for both your skin and hair, peels, in-shower body lotion and even hair lightening spray. Plus, you can use all of these pineapple picks year-round.

Here are the best pineapple beauty products out there.

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