GeForce Now officially launches in Australia next week

Australia will get official GeForce Now support starting next week, following a successful beta phase. Launching on Tuesday, October 19, the service will come in two varieties: ‘Basic’ is free and offers a “limited version” of GeForce Now, while ‘Priority’ will set you back AU$20 a month and offers ray tracing, extended play sessions, and queue priority. That price is available for a limited time, and on a 12-month subscription comes down to AU$18 a month.

The service is powered by Australian internet service provider Pentanet, but it’ll operate just like GeForce Now does elsewhere. It’s not a streaming service like Xbox Cloud. You need to own a game already—on Steam, the Epic Games Store or GOG, to name a few—but in theory, with the Priority subscription, you should be able to get better performance on those games via streaming if you’re running an older system.

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