How to watch Apple’s iPhone 13 event

It’s a lot easier for anyone to watch Apple events than it used to be.

I remember the days when Windows and Android users had to follow obscure links or mirrors to ‘hack’ their way into watching an Apple event. That’s a thing of the past. These days, Apple’s big showcases are publicly accessible for just about everyone.

Apple is hosting its event on Tuesday, September 14, starting at 10 AM Pacific or 1 PM ET. It’s where it’ll almost certainly announce the iPhone 13, and the company will surely have a bunch of other products to reveal too; you can read more about what to expect here.

For most people, the most convenient way to watch the event is to simply open up YouTube. The event will likely show up on the YouTube homepage when it’s time due to Apple’s popularity, but those of you who are already preparing the popcorn can head on over to the livestream page directly by clicking here. Alternatively, you can just watch with the embedded video below.

If you’d rather stay away from YouTube, Apple will host the event on its website as well. The quality is usually higher on, should you want to see every pore on Craig Federighi’s face.

Lastly, the event will also be live-streamed through the Apple TV app you want to watch the event on your biggest screen. We’ll be covering the news as it happens, so stay tuned to TNW for more.

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