r/femalefashionadvice – Brambly Hedge: Another Cottagecore Album but with Mice

You read that right, Brambly Hedge is a children’s picture book series featuring mice in a fantasy British country setting. It’s like the mice version of Peter Rabbit except the mice are way better dressed. As a kid, I loved looking at the intricate details, soft watercolor palette, building cutout illustrations, and most of all the fluffy clothes that these country mice wear. The entirety of it was also adopted into a stop motion TV show which you can find on Youtube.

There’s a lot of emphasis on aprons, floral patterns, and hats. I tried picking out real life examples that are more wearable but mostly just wanted to show you the illustrations. People photos are an afterthought here 😅 Also the illustration images are literally pictures I took on my phone and may not be the highest quality.


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