r/femalefashionadvice – I don’t want to sound like a ridiculous person but has anyone gotten really into fancy loungewear since the pandemic?

I realized I might have a problem when I ordered this satin jacket the other day, and my husband walked by and said, “what the hell is that? Where are you planning to wear that?”

“At home,” I said, “It’s my new smoking jacket.”

“But you don’t smoke…”

-Cue awkward silence-

(I wish I had the wherewithal to respond “Aha! But I do drink!” And then swanned off in my velvet slippers, champagne coupe in hand … but let’s be real).

Anyways, as I was going through my year of pandemic purchases, I realized I really really really like loungewear and have started a small collection. Not “comfortable modal jammies” or “minimalist silk lunya” loungewear but formal, dressy, lounge in my mahogany-paneled library with an after dinner drink loungewear

It’s becoming a real obsession. For the first time, I’ve felt really comfortable and yet dressy and gorgeous at home and it’s like opening up a whole new world of clothing for me.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has started to do this (or has always done this) and wanted to talk about it – what have you bought? What things do you own that you love? What brands do you like, what styles, where can I learn more, what items are comfortable, good quality etc.! I can only view items from For Restless Sleepers and Olivia Von Halle from afar… but really into all sorts of recommendations!

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