Home Depot 4th of July hours: Is Home Depot open July 4th?

Is Home Depot open on 4th of July?

Parents above all are grateful to have reached the tail-end of the pandemic. After months long periods of quarantine, we can unanimously agree that our homes have felt the effects. No longer could our kids kick their schoolbags under the table and begone for hours at a time, bask in the sun with friends and hang out on the streets, no.

Those pesky buggers were stuck between four walls. And of course, they made their own fun indoors. Vases have been smashed, furniture busted and torn, tables chipped and mirrors scratched beyond restoration. Oh, and the exterior of the house looks like something straight from a Stephen King novel.

Well, we owe it all to Home Depot for taking us by the hand and bringing our precious home back to life once again.

As we enter the peak of summer, it provides the perfect time for us to finally stand up to the damage that has been done. We can fix that leak, patch that hole and revitalise the garden to it’s former glory!

Home Depot 4th of July hours: Is Home Depot open July 4th?

That’s right, Home Depot will be open for business on July 4.

While many establishments such as banks and post offices will be shuttered this coming weekend, Home Depot will remain open for customers. With North America laying host to over 2,200 stores, a Home Depot near you is waiting, where you can enjoy the discounts of their annual Summer Savings sale. They will open on Sunday 12pm-6pm, regular operating hours.

Just remember to sanitise and wear a face mask, we’ve got one foot out-the-door, but let’s make sure and abide by the COVID guidelines to ensure to keep ourselves and others safe as we inch closer to normality.

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