Mark Zuckerberg went full ‘Murica for July 4 this year

It’s been nearly a year since that unfortunately unforgettable photo of Mark Zuckerberg surfing in Hawaii looking like a White Walker surfaced. And just so it doesn’t have the chance to completely fade from memory, ol’ Zuck‘s got your back with a little video of himself on the water again — and he looks more patriotic than you will ever be.

In the clip captioned, “Happy July 4th!,” Zuckerberg is surfing while majestically holding up an American flag… and it’s set to John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads.’

It’s hard to fathom what possesses Zuck to conjure up these meme-worthy moments. But I’m not here to discourage or pooh-pooh at his efforts. Nay, instead I’d love for him to make this an annual affair, and raise the bar each year. I imagine trained animals could be involved, or perhaps fire and brimstone… I dunno, let the billionaire figure that out.

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