Richard Estes

“Voyages” is Menconi + Schoelkopf’s first presentation of work by Richard Estes. Richard Estes is the standard-bearer of photorealist painting and its most devoted and accomplished practitioner. Estes’s unique ability to synthesize the experience of travel and observation have secured his legacy as one of the leading painters of the 20th century. His body of work includes interpretations of timeless, pristine images of New York City as well as his many adventures in travel spanning the globe. Though Estes has been at the forefront of the photorealist movement since the 1970s, his depictions of landscapes and cityscapes are perhaps more relevant today than ever before, when we all share an unsatisfied longing for travel. From the quiet, towering glaciers in Antarctica, to the glittering waters of Maine, to the energetic streets of New York and vast plains of Africa, the exhibition brings us an intimate experience of Estes’s places and moments through the artist’s eyes.

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