Suit Up for Prom With These 21 Options

Who says you need to wear a dress for prom? Prom dress codes can turn really sexist, really fast. But it’s 2021 and prom suits for women are definitely a thing. In fact, prom suits are a thing for everyone looking for an option beyond short prom dresses and dresses that won’t break the bank (dresses and suits don’t care for gender norms, ya know?)

If dresses have never been your thing, by opting for a prom suit, you’ll be able to express yourself and feel great in your own skin — regardless of sexist dress codes. Even beyond that, prom suits are the way to go. Even when prom night is over, you can totally reuse your ensemble for all your at-home virtual shenanigans and IRL outings – dressing them up or down when required and mixing and matching the blazer or pants with other pieces in your wardrobe. Whether it’s sporting your blazer with sweatpants for a virtual meeting or rocking your pants with a cute summer top for a date night with your BFFs, these suit pieces will surely become part of your rotation. From a practical point of view, if you calculate the actual cost per wear both the blazer and suit pants, you’ll know it’s a good deal.

Still not convinced? Well, we’ve gathered the best prom suits for women (or men, or anyone) so you can find out if you’re into a classic black tux, a satin pantsuit, a good floral blazer — or if you simply want to see if a suit, in general, catches your eye.

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