Dan Buettner’s Minestrone Soup Recipe For Longevity

Now, if you’re familiar with Buettner, chances are you know he’s a fan of simple, easy-to-make recipes. This longevity cocktail is no different: “Nothing fancy here; it’s called minestrone soup,” he explains. “It has three beans, six different kinds of vegetables, and provides a rainbow of different fiber species to feed all of those wonderful microbes in my gut.” 

You could totally stop right there—chuck in a few veggies and beans into a pot of broth, season it, and call it a day. But if you’re wondering about an exact recipe, well, you’re in luck: In true journalistic fashion, I did some digging (also: longevity cocktail? How could I not learn more?). It turns out, Buettner previously raved about this very recipe on his website. The Sardinia Minestrone, he calls it. 

Here’s the full breakdown from Buettner (keep in mind, it serves eight!). 

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