The Hunt: 7 Really Specific Fashion Items I’m After Right Now

Confession: I do a lot of online shopping (shocker, I know). But between reporting on emerging trends and putting together shopping edits of what to buy for the current season, I’m scanning thousands of products in a given week. You’d think that because of this, I’d be adding things to my personal cart all day long but the truth is I’m a bit pickier when it comes to what I’ll add to my own closet. If you’ve ever wondered what a fashion editor’s shopping cart actually looks like, you’re about to find out.

I could be alone here, but sometimes I get the urge to shop for really specific pieces. It happens at random: one day I might come across a cool inspirational image that sparks my interest for a certain piece of clothing or sometimes I notice different versions on the same sartorial theme and make it my mission to track down the best version. Either way, I’m currently on the hunt for the following seven items that span everything from funky cowboy boots to non-basic tanks.

Ahead, take a look at my fashion-editor shopping list for the rather-specific items in my cart now.

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